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Post by Zyeox on Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:54 pm

If you are an old Nexus Veteran and would like to have your old characters from the server vault added please send me a message. I have a vault as old as March of 2014. So anyone looking for your characters after that date still message me we should be able to get them but it may take a little longer. You can message me on the forum but our Discord server will be the fastest way to get your characters transferred over.  

Also if you have any of the island keys please let me know as well so I can give you proper role in Discord. We will need to verify this.

Use this format to message me in discord so I know who you are and what you want.

Name in Current Version of Game: NAME USED IN EE
Name in Old Version of Game: OLD GAME
Date when you last played: If you can remember.
Names of any Characters you may have had: Ex. Zyeox is God.....

Cost: Send 5 Million Dollars to Zyeox's Paypal per Character transferred. Razz

Once we get this information we will try to import your vault to the server. You will also receive a message so we can link both vaults together.


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