Valentine's day-ish.

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Valentine's day-ish.

Post by ArchBishopLazarus on Sun Feb 14, 2016 6:59 pm

Zombies are undead,
and so is Lielu,
The Forgotten King,
How I wish to pursue,

Under the harsh sun of Dune,
Yielding Pirates and Sand,
Scorpions and Slaying,
Rift Warrior, I was brand,

The Wendigos of Wolfwood,
Cone of cold from a Winterwolve's breath,
On that great Eyrie Mountain,
Was where many heroes met their death,

Time-Stones and Rift Lords,
Past and Present of which we can tether,
I once had told Screenwash,
Its just like "The Time Warp," but only better!

Blackcloak and Black eyes,
That damned Keeper of Venom,
Its an inside joke,
but he once ruined my denim...

The unforgiving Claw Island,
With Heroes under duress,
My love for this server,
There's no need to confess.

Bonus Haiku!

Haikus are easy,
but sometimes they don't make sense,


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