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Post by ArchBishopLazarus on Thu Nov 13, 2014 9:05 pm

Good evening.

Whilst creating my second Blackcloak Key since the server has come back online I had allocated each of the parts necessary to meet the prerequisite when I had come across a scripting error. Uncertain as to whether or not this had been a mere matter of misfortune in regards to timing/latency however I received this message.

Script sd_forge_perf, OID: 8000a8d1, Tag: Hunus, Error: TOO MANY INSTRUCTIONS

This by itself was not terribly concerning however it decided to take one (and only one) of the prerequisites of the Blackcloak Key. My misfortune, and reason for even posting this as had it been any other piece I simply would have laughed then scampered off to ascertain the piece again, Was that the item taken was **Rashoon Charm** Which I'm sure as anyone who has passed through Winterborn recently can recall, Rashoon is without a doubt (at least in my opinion) one of the most challenging opponents on the Isle. I have a screenshot available should it be desired, but I figured it was in the best interest to take note of such an event.

Alas, In the interim I plan to play an alternative character that already yields a Blackcloak key, but I shall pursue the Rashoon Charm once more at a later date and attempt to forge it perhaps in the coming days.

Until then, I bid you all happy hunting, and hope to see you online soon.


Upon playing with Clad_In_Irons (Screenwash), The gentleman had reminded me that such a script can be thwarted by having the various parts in different bags. Upon placing each piece individually into my inventory outside the bags, When I had attempted to activate the script once more; It had worked flawlessly.

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